Sunday, August 13, 2006

Time For A Break

Hi Bloggers! I have just returned from the North of England... Manchester to be precise. Casbah Club have been recording with Andy MacPherson at Revolution Studios (where Vibrate was produced). It sounds fantastic so I can't wait to get back to it. I am off for a couple of weeks in the sun with my loved ones and then I'll be straight back in the studio before heading off to the states for the first leg of The Who tour. All go but I'm really happy to be busy. I'm taking advantage of my clear head and energy. So great to be young.

See you soon!!!


Blogger mandarin deli said...

Hi Simon! Nice to see an update-- glad you're doing well. Are Casbah Club coming to the States too?

Have fun on holiday!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

Have a great time off Simon.

Looking forward to perhaps seeing you and C.C. perform live in the USA later this year.

10:38 AM  
Blogger SuperAmanda said...

Just got back from The Birdcage in Bethnal Green ;)
Happy Sunday and safe travels you Diamond geezer!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Steve H said...

Hey Simon!

Good to hear from you - enjoy the holiday!!

BTW, highlights of the summer so far - seeing Casbah Club at Hyde park and Beaulieu. Check out the pics I took of you and Bruce on my blog.

And get the band on the road asap! The album is brilliant.

Take care


3:28 PM  
Blogger Lucky Buck said...

Great to see the Casbah juices have been flowing. Am hoping you guys are in the States soon.


4:36 PM  
Blogger John said...

Simon - I look forward to September and hope to connect in Boston or NYC. Glad you're relaxing -- seems like a ton of activity lately.

Best to Janie and kids.


6:04 PM  
Blogger Jim Laughlan said...

Cool beans Simon! Glad to hear your head is clear. Enjoy the vacation. You earned it.

I hope to catch you in Toronto in December (barring foul weather, those nor'easterners can be terrible.)

Stay away from the PC and spend it with the kids.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Jim Laughlan said...

And when your busy, it's $$$$$$$!!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Hi Simon,
Have fun with your family over the next few weeks! I really enjoyed seeing your band opening for the Who in Berlin. Nice little sauna, wasn't it? I was impressed that you managed to keep the jacket on for the whole set. ;)

Good luck with the fall tour.


11:24 PM  
Blogger Mike S said...

Enjoy your rest with your family
Simon.Look forward to seeing you
once again in the states.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Trini said...

Hola Simon:

Enjoy your holidays with your family... you deserve it.
I can't forget your concert in Madrid so I really hope to see you in Spain as soon as possible.
By the way I LOVE CC's album...

Take care and enjoy
Love, Trini

2:56 AM  
Blogger brojo said...

Great to hear from you Simon,
Really looking forward to seeing you here in the states.
Hope all is well with all.
Have a nice break


7:09 AM  
Blogger Yumi (B-ko) said...

Hi Simon!

Glad to hear from you, Simon. How's recording been there? I'm looking forward to listening to new songs by Casbah.
My boss allowed me to have another holiday in September. My staying in the states is only 3 days. But it's gonna be great. I can't wait to see you again in Boston & NYC in a month.

Have a nice holiday!

Love Yumi x

10:10 AM  
Blogger psychedelic butterfly said...

hi Simon
hope you have a great time on holiday! you defiantly deserve the rest.
hope to see you guys again soon.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Welcome Back Simon!
Have a great time on your holiday! You deserve it for working so hard. I hope Casbah Club will be coming to the USA. I would love to see you guys!

Have a safe travel!

12:43 PM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Mark T said...

Hi Simon, enjoy your break with the family. Sounds like you will be busy when you return. Mark

2:44 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Simon, I am really looking forward to hearing the new recording.
Hope you have a great break!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Meg said...

Simon can you tell us if the Casbah Club is opening for the Who on this tour as first reported. I have seen an article that says a band called Peeping Tom is opening for the Who on the first 7 dates, 6 of which I am attending! I was so looking forward to seeing Casbah Club open in the States! Please let us know what is up!

I am here freaking out but I hope you have a great rest and vacation with the family, either way see you in September!

9:31 AM  
Blogger haribomort said...

A'reet Mate

Have a good break - hope to see you in NY!!



11:14 AM  
Blogger Mike S said...

Simon, is this somekind of joke?
Who gives a flying f*ck about
Mike Patton,he's a leftover
from the 80's.Sorry to be blunt
but some of my money was spent
in thinking the Casbah Club
were opening up???

PEEPING TOM — the new project of Mike Patton (FAITH NO
THE WHO on seven East Coast dates in early September.
The details are as follows:

Sep. 12 - Philadelphia, PA @ Wachovia Center
Sep. 13 - Wantagh, NY @ Jones Beach
Sep. 15 - Ottawa, ON @ Scotiabank Place
Sep. 16 - Boston, MA @ TD Banknorth Garden (Fleet
Sep. 18 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
Sep. 19 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
Sep. 21 - Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center

PEEPING TOM's self-titled debut album was released on
May 30 via the Ipecac label. The CD features Patton
alongside a slew of collaborators, such as British
trip-hop group MASSIVE ATTACK, rapper Kool Keith,
human beatbox Rhazel and Grammy-winning singer Norah

12:50 PM  
Blogger Steve H said...

mike s

I can sympathise with you loads but I don't remember it being reported thus far that Casbah Club were going to do support slots outside of Europe???


12:54 PM  
Blogger Mike S said...

And I don't remember hearing that
they were NOT. Steve,it don't
matter to me anymore,I'm sick
of trying to chase the music.
If they don't want to spread
the music around then what do
I care?I've spent over $3,000.00
grand trying to chase the Who
and Casbah around,so all I want
now are pertinent answers not speculation.Cheers mate!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Kenny said...

The reason The Casbah Club aren't supporting The Who on the first few gigs in the US is this. While Simon sails through all the security checks at London Airport because he's with The Who party, Mark and Bruce will still be stuck in the check-in queues until December trying to explain that The Casbah Club is not some kind of M.E. terrorist group.

Kenny Freed

2:23 PM  
Blogger Steve H said...

Nice one Kenny

I guess the logistics of taking CC around the States is too much when the band can hire US acts. Don't know but it's a shame for those who want to see them as they're a class act.


2:35 PM  
Blogger Lynsey said...

Simon! Hi!
Hope you have a fun time on your break!
I cannot *wait* to see you for the second time, in Boston! :D


6:04 PM  
Blogger PTfan said...

Simon,I'm getting pretty upset here that someone other than you and your band are opening for 2 of the 3 Who shows I am seeing live. What the heck is going on???? I was really looking forward to seeing CC!!!!

6:54 PM  
Blogger Aslan said...

Yea! more Casbah tuneage on the way! Have a great holiday with the loved ones Simon.

Mike I understand the frustration, good news is your going to Attic Jam ! Then there's the Who shows and meeting the bloggers... I'd bet Simon would be more than happy to perform with CC at every show.

I don't know how it works in the industry but as an observation it seems opening bands are switched or called on at the ninth hour... even the artists might not know when they are playing with much advance notice.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Alecia said...

Sorry! Aslan got out again... come back here you naughty Hammy!

7:40 PM  
Blogger Mike S said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Mike S,
I was going to leave you a response to your comments earlier, but I decided not to because I felt that this wasn't the appropriate place to do it. I'm glad I didn't because it was an angry response, and I would've regretted posting it up.
I'm sure that Casbah Club will be touring in the US and you will get a chance to see them, with or without The Who.
About the bands that are opening acts...every band has to start somewhere! Even Peeping Tom, even though you think they suck.
Sorry I won't be at that bar to meet you, oh well! maybe next time.
Take care.

11:49 PM  
Blogger Mike S said...

For the record I didn't say
that Peeping Tom sucked Metal

I actually liked Faith No More
back in the 80's but I guess
I let my disappointment get the best of me.My apologies.Who knows
maybe CC are performing too.

However,I also think that Peeping
Tom will be getting the raw deal.
Let's be realistic,there's not
going to be many people there
for them,that's just the honest
truth.They would of been better
served opening up for somebody
like Audioslave.

Just for the record I am fan of
metal and alternative music but
like I said,I was out of line
and I apologize.

12:01 AM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Mike S,
I got your apology on my blog, but that was before I saw your last comment here.
I'm sorry that I assumed that you thought Peeping Tom sucked, I take that back!
BTW, I accept your apology, hard feelings?

12:25 AM  
Blogger Steve H said...

hey, anyone else here got tix for the roundhouse - I managed to get some


3:36 AM  
Blogger PaulBLpool said...

Ayone else on here got an exploding Dell laptop?

I'm sitting here waiting for mine to go POP!!

Casbah rock!

Hope the boys do open in the US - caught CC 4 timmes in UK/Europe and they were really firing - nice guys too.

5:49 AM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Hi Simon,
Yes, it is good to be young. I am as young as you, and it really is great!!!

I just spent the last week, working my butt off. I missed the most perfect weather, here in the eastcoast. But, it felt soo good to be productive.

My girls come home from camp this week, so I will be spending my time with them, and enjoying their company.....have fun with your family.....and we (me and hubby) can't wait to see you all in the USA ( we will be a four different venues...phew!!!) I didn't have this much stamina as a teenager. I don't know what happened to me, I became SUPERFAN, all of a sudden.
If CC doesn't perform this time around, I will muster up my "superpowers" for that tour, don't you worry!

We will be at Joe's, with familiar faces......I hope you will be performing there!!!

Stay well,


2:25 PM  
Blogger fluorescein said...

Enjoy your rest, Simon, it is WELL deserved.

See you in a couple weeks,


5:30 PM  
Blogger Lucky Buck said...

I really don't see why you apologized, Mike S.
I'm VERY disappointed that Casbah Club are not on the Who bill for the first part of the North American tour.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Sounds like life is good for you Si and you deserve that. It's also great to see you back in blogland, you have been missed.

Enjoy the rest and relaxation with your family. See you in Canada, tanned, rested and rockin'!!

Ann xo

5:50 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hi Simon! Wow, good timing on my part to get a new hard drive! Yep, my hard drive died. I lost everything. Didn't know that I was supposed to have things backed up. Backup? Huh?lol
In any case, it's nice to be back online just the past couple of days and see that you are back to blogging for a bit yourself!
Have a good holiday:)
I got a ticket for Hollywood Bowl in November (Woohoo!)hope to see you all then! xoxoLisa

11:39 AM  
Blogger Lannio said...


Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lannio living in Toronto. I just listened to your clips. Well done. There's nothing like making music. Yippie, I just bought WHO tickets and look forward to seeing the whole bit in December. Ahh the studio, I hope you love it. Enjoy your break Lannio

11:49 AM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Simon,
I won't be able to see you guys this year because I can't go to the Hollywood Bowl show. :( Hopefully me and everyone here will have a chance to see you guys someday.

Have a great weekend!

11:35 AM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

Hey Simon!
Great to see a new post from ya.
"So great to be young." Aw you inspire me.
I just turned 44 Simon!
Spring chicken, eh?
I hope and pray I get to see CC in LA!
Let us know if you guys are going to do any small club gigs too.
Enjoy the rest of your break with your loved ones.
Take care,
Sue Dxx

7:03 PM  
Blogger SuperAmanda said...

Hi Si,
Hope you are having fun in the rainy sun. Are there lyrics available for Any Way She Moves? I'm dying to know the words, it's such a great song.

8:23 AM  
Blogger PaulBLpool said...

Hi Superamanda - you should get yourself a copy of the CC album - it's a real gem and has full lyrics included too.

At £10 a go - what a steal!!!!!


9:28 AM  
Blogger Shari Soultree said...

It was so great seeing you in Europe! Your shows got hotter every night! You are so cool, it was awesome hanging out for a bit before the last show! Are you going to be going on the whole tour, I see all these other opening acts. I can't wait to see you! Hope you're fully enjoying your rest and rejuvenation!!!


1:36 PM  
Blogger windswept&interested said...

Hey Simon! Nice to see you post again. What a refreshing and inspiring attitude you have. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you at Joe's Pub.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Jeffreyjjj said...

Hey Simon will See you at the Meet and Greet in New York at Joes Pub.
Have a great Holiday!!!


1:16 AM  
Blogger Jeffreyjjj said...

Hey Simon are you going to have your new cd's with you at Joes. Email me if you are or post here please. Want your autograph on the my cd please.


7:26 AM  
Blogger John Sullivan said...


How goes? Been recording myself with my band but it's been slow going for a few reasons.

Stop by my blog if you can...will see you in September in NYC.


12:17 PM  
Blogger John Sullivan said...

Peeping Tom?

Oh please...anyway, if you're looking to do some cool NYC gigs with C.C., let me know.


12:19 PM  
Blogger Lin-no-da said...

So, I see that CC will not be opening for ANY of the NY shows, I share the frustration in the fact that I have spent mucho dinero lately not only to see Si rock with the WHO but was to-tal-ly anticipating seeing Casbah open for all those shows, it was a serious double dream and I am bummed. I hadn't seen Si live since the last time he played a teeny club (forogt the name) in NYC the last time the WHO blew through town in '02 THAT IS TOO LONG!!! (I also got a $250 parking ticket at that show because the sign said no parking after midnight and I was there well into the wee morning hours BUT, it was all worth it since Simon was nice enough to do a meet and greet with every darn person there. What a great guy! Anyway, Rock on, Simon and I can't wait to see you in New York. Safe travels, don't bring anything that looks like hair gel on the plane or you may not get here until X-Mas. Ciao for now! - Lin B.

10:23 PM  
Blogger SimonT said...

Hi all. Thanks for the cool comments. I had a great time away and I'm rested and ready to go now, recording in Manchester and gigging with The Who in the states. FYI: I have only very recently heard that Casbah Club are not opening for The Who on the first leg of the U.S tour. I am really upset, for a whole year I believed it was definitely ours as Pete saw us in London at the 100 club last summer and went public on his website saying that it was what he wanted. I guess promoters got in the way with their own plans, probably involving a 'buy on'. I am so sorry to Mike S and Lin B and anyone else who bought tix thinking we would be on the bill. Don't know what to say?!!! Si

3:32 PM  
Blogger Lucky Buck said...

Thanks for the explantion, Simon.
I also spent a good bit of my ticket cash expecting to see the Casbah Club open in Boston. Very disappointed, but will be there nonetheless.

Still looking forward to seeing your band premiere in the States...some time.

Jeff in Boston

4:51 PM  
Blogger Natters said...

Hi Simon,

I've seen you at the Who convention and was with Paul & Zara at Hyde Park in the VIP area but wasn't able to say hi. Shame Casbah Club won't be supporting the Who on the first leg of the US tour - I'm sure the opportunity will arise.


5:51 AM  
Blogger Meg said...


Many of us are really bummed that CC will not be opening for the Who. You guys would be the only reason any of us would be inside the venue prior to the Who taking the stage. I actually feel sorry for Peeping Tom because they will be playing to the rafters because many of us won't be in there just for principle sake now. Those of us lucky enough to see CC perform at the Convention really were anticipating seeing you guys again and we also spread the word here of how great you guys are live! I hope a smaller Casbah Club tour in America is in the works, you definitely have an audience here! See you at Joe's in NY!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Guesswho said...

Hi Si,

Just thought I`d post here to say how much I`m enjoying the Casbah Club CD.

Having seen the band twice in Liverpool on the Who tour I can only say that both nights you really got a great response from the crowd.

The first night seemed really good.

It`s sad that our N.A. friends wont` see the band. As a support band you really complemented the Who. Hopefully folk will buy the CD and hear the great songs.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Mike S said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:30 AM  
Blogger PTfan said...

Aw Simon. I'm so bummed. Now that I've heard it come straight from you, I can let go of hope now. That's sad. I bought tickets to 3 shows for the 1st leg of the tour so I am pretty positive I will not be going to any shows during the 2nd leg. Will you be playing any small venues yourself so we can see you up close? Like in Philly maybe??? I'm very sad.

I'm glad you had a nice time with your family. I'm also glad you got back on the web to tell us things. Thanks Simon.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Alecia said...

Promoters!.. can't live with them, can't live without em! I'm really disapointed for Casbah Club too - surely there will be a way for some tour dates... maybe after they realize the poor opening attendance, its just a shame. I think we all feel with the right exposure CC could easily headline in the states the next go round.

5:00 PM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

I am disappointed that CC is NOT opening for this tour.....I was really looking forward to seeing you guys!!

Poor, peeping's not their fault, but I don't have any interest in them....sorry, if that sounds mean.


BTW, I heard that The Who Tribute Band is going to be at BB Kings after the WHO show on the 18th... does anyone else know about this??? Anyone planning on going?? How about you, Simon?
I have never seen this band, but I heard they are amazing....and will keep the party going!!!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Yumi (B-ko) said...

Hi lzygrl!
My friend living in NYC got a ticket of the tribute band for me. So me and some of my friends will be there after the MSG show on the 18th.
Yumi x

8:37 AM  
Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

Hi Si! Just now read your update so have fun and hope to hear from you when you get back in regards to how much fun being young is ;)


3:33 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Simon,
Thanks for telling us the reason why Casbah Club isn't opening up for The Who, those promoters suck!
Lzygrl is right, it's not Peeping Tom's fault. I'm sure Peeping Tom is a good band, especially if you liked Faith No More.

Have a great weekend!

6:59 PM  
Blogger elena said...

Hola Simon!!

Sorry to hear that CC is not opening for The Who.....YOU ARE FANTASTIC....It was great to see you in the way, you speak very good Spanish..


3:36 PM  
Blogger Ann said...


I'm just catching up here and read your post about the Casbah Club not opening up for The Who on this leg of the tour. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. Crushed is a good word. Darn it...another missed opportunity. Hopefully things will work out for the 2nd leg of the tour and I'll see you guys in Toronto. I'll go off to mope...

Ann xo

5:52 PM  
Blogger Bblayla said...

Hi Simon--

Just now hearing that CC won't be supporting The Who--so sorry. I just received the new cd for my birthday--would have really enjoyed seeing you guys perform. Maybe on the next phase of the tour(which I hope will include Texas) CC will be a part!

We are going to Chicago to see The Who --and I hope the HOB show. Hope to see and meet you then.

Take care and safe travels


8:53 PM  
Blogger PaulBLpool said...

Good luck on The Who tour Si - you looked like you were really enjoying the Euro gigs.

How about some CC dates in the UK around Christmas fella?


1:48 PM  
Blogger Jim Laughlan said...

Hope you had a nice flight Simon!

Did Josh tag along with you?? I believe you said he was tagging along.

5:54 PM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Thanking you ALL for bringing the sun back....really, it was raining for two weeks straight....since you've been here, nothing but sunny skies!!!

6:33 AM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

Hello Simon!!
I'm sad for the east coasters, but I take it CC WILL open for the Who on the west coast?
I really hope so. Can't wait to see you guys.
Have an awesome tour.
Lots of love,
Sue D.

3:08 PM  
Blogger silas stingy said...

Hello Simon, I hope all is well for you and your loved ones, and that you are enjoying your time off. Congratulations on the Casbah Club opening up for THE WHO. Too bad Casbah Club isn't doing any gigs in The States. I just got my tickets for Sept. 29, 2006, when you and the boys play at The Palace in Auburn Hills, MI. MY WIFE Debbie and I will be in the front row, directly in front of you. Hopefuuly we can get to speak with you. Take care Simon, and we will see you soon.

Long Live Rock,

Pat Currie

3:42 PM  
Blogger ginab said...

Geez I am glad you believe 40-ishes to be young.


see you in the US I think. Canada I think, actually. Last show. On the precipice of the break before the rest of the world.

12:06 PM  
Blogger brojo said...

Welcome to the states Simon.
Hope we treat you right, Looking forward to seeing you when you all come to the left coast.
I am very sorry that Casbah Club is not supporting the Who on the first leg, I truly hope that you will be able to play on some portion of this tour.
Have a great show tonight.


7:52 AM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Will you be at Joe's?

Good luck with the upcoming shows!

2:24 PM  
Blogger PTfan said...

Saw you and Who in Philly tonight. You guys put on a superb show!!! The sound in teh arena was really good. I am surprised that my ears are NOT ringing. That's a first. My throat is all crisp from all the screaming I was doing, but that's normal. Anyway, the sound was not muddied up or bleeding together. We could hear all of the different instruments clearly. We could hear your vocals too. It was fantastic!!!

Great set!I'm glad you guys played all those new songs. It was very exciting!!!

See you in Boston...and then Detroit!!!

10:56 PM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Gina Marie said...

Hi there- I was at the show last night in Boston. It was great! Always a good time.

Here is a quote you left me. On my blog a while ago. So ya got an update for me?

"FYI: I think Sweet Sound is going to be re-released on CD next year to coincide with tours. "

Bring it on! You have to bring your band here to the states. The House of Blues here is long gone, but we can find you some place else to play.

Much love and thanks to you!


6:27 PM  
Blogger Alecia said...

As predicted, few people came to see the opening act at Jones Beach. There is a blurb about it on my blog. Hopefully CC will be able open on future Who dates.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

Hello Simon-
I hope you are well.
Just thinking of you...sending positive vibrations, mon.
Take care and be well,
Sue Dxx

11:37 AM  
Blogger Mike S said...

Great to see you at the Faces and
Names Pub Simon,thanks for allowing
us to take photos,it was a great
way to end the night and make the long 3,000 mile journey a happy
one back to Florida.

Mike & Marc

11:05 AM  
Blogger PaulBLpool said...

Come on Si,

How about a CC or solo gig in Liverpool next time you guys are recording - I'm sure you'll love it!

Fly Away rules!


11:48 AM  
Blogger Lin-no-da said...

I know that Simon is super busy on tour & will not be answering this strain anytime soon, but I just have to say that I think he was flawless at the MSG Who shows, I heard all his beautiful harmonies and wonderful guitar work. One night I had a sidestage view of him and he is a work horse, he & Pino really seem to have this thing going where they feed off of each other and it is fun to watch. The Monday night show Sept 18th had many sound issues and mistakes (especially during Baba O'Riley) but from what I could see and hear Simon was on the mark all night. Keep it up and I hope to catch another show in the South before this leg ends. Don't hink we don't notice all your hard work, Simon! Rock on! - Lin B.

12:34 PM  
Blogger fluorescein said...

I've noticed it, Simon is playing a much greater role this time and his guitar and vox can be easily heard. He has been excellent!!

Now, there is one way we can hear even MORE of Simon.....

2:36 PM  
Blogger Alecia said...

I just got Mikey's CD Invisible - It sounds bloody well fantastic! Well done on production and good to hear your support with guitar and vocals - Just like everyone here - you bring so much to what your involved with for The Who or otherwise. ROCK ON! - enjoy every moment!

2:45 PM  
Blogger Super-Amanda said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:53 AM  
Blogger SuperAmanda said...

Hi Simon,
Hope you are having fun in the great white North with the gang. I'm blogging off as you did a few months ago and wanting to thank you for being such a sweetheart and keeping the fire!!

I never will forget your crap dance!
Amanda Casabianca

9:55 AM  
Blogger dExtrosien said...

You've been playing wonderfully at the Who shows that I've been to so far. It looks like you're having fun. I've been pimping my Casbah Club shirt and plan to wear it again for Hershey. Can't wait to hear some new Casbah Club tracks.

keep the faith,


7:44 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Simon,
How's it going?

Just dropping by.


10:45 PM  
Blogger Kerouac said...


Any chance I could get a interview? Via email? I want to write an article on you and Casbah.

all the best

1:35 PM  
Blogger Kerouac said...


Any chance I could get an email interview? Or a phoner? Want to write an article on you and all that you have on the burner.

all the best

1:37 PM  
Blogger Vendelascity said...

Simon... met you at the Chicago House of Blues for a nanosecond. I was with Justin but you made an early exit because you were feeling ill. It seems you caught the plague going around these parts. Hope you're feeling better, my dear. One couldn't tell you were under the weather by your wonderful performance! Looking forward to seeing you back in Chicago in fine form in December!

- Wendy/Vendela

8:46 PM  
Blogger Trini said...

I hope your dreams come truth.
My best wishes.

12:47 AM  
Blogger fluorescein said...

Yea, what Trini said:



5:47 AM  
Blogger Steve H said...

Hi there Si

Looking forward to seeing you with the Who at the Roundhouse in a couple of weeks time - looks like loads of fun!! One big question though, why aren't Casbah Club supporting that one???? Who are the Fratillas or whatver they're called??


6:46 AM  
Blogger Yolanda said...


10:14 AM  
Blogger Steve H said...



10:55 AM  
Blogger mandarin deli said...

Have a good one, Simon! =)

12:46 PM  
Blogger PTfan said...


4:14 AM  
Blogger Ahva Rahn said...

simontownshend, youcouldnt tellyou wereill atthat chicagogig; thewayitis - thefirstiheardit: wickedgood songmate, wickedgood.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Happy Birthday Simon!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Lin-no-da said...

I'll bet you're glad to be back home, huh, Si? Janie wants you to fix up a few things 'round the house.... just jokin'.
You were awesome on the first leg of the tour! Keep up the hard work and can't wait to see you back for more in a few weeks. Now, get back on your blog and let us pick your brain, man! 'Twas great watching you have so much fun on stage, and for Pete's sake, man, how tall is Pino? He's enormous!

Love ya,
-Lin B.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Dangit, I knew it! I knew I'd heard that it was your Birthday somewhere!
A belated Happy Birthday, Simon.
Hope it was a good one.
Hope you're enjoying your time at home with family and friends. xoxoLisa:)

7:05 PM  
Blogger Steve H said...

Simon . . where you gone????


2:51 PM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Are you ever coming back????

Hope you and the fam, are enjoying your time together.......I know your kids an wife,
miss you, terribly when you travel ;(

Perhaps you could plan a tour around the children's holiday they get a six week break, during the winter??? Or, how about over the summer.....we get about 10 weeks off, here in the states.....would be fab to see SIMON TOWNSHEND perform, LIVE!

Take care.......good luck on the second leg of THE WHO TOUR...ROCK STEADY!


10:22 PM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

Hi Simon!
How are you?
Hope you enjoyed your break.
I have to echo Sue's sentiment...I hope you and CC can play here in the states soon.
I really want to see you guys live!
See you soon (I'm sure!).
Take care and be well,
Sue D.xx

5:00 AM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Simon,
I got a ticket to see Rachel at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood! I wish you were there too, but I know it's going to be a great show.

11:28 PM  
Blogger neilbymouth said...

Simon!!!you bloody lazy git!!!!!a new post would be nice! ;-)

2:02 AM  
Blogger PTfan said...

This lack of Simon is really bothering me. No CC, so solo Simon shows, no Simon in the attic, no blogging. Simon, I really, really miss you!

5:47 AM  
Blogger neilbymouth said...

Bloody rock stars, you follow em around, buy their bleeding music, and this what you get- ha, all they do all day is hang about looking good and then playing the guitar a little, i work at the coal face chisling away with my finger nails for 20 hours a day for 15 quid a week- i can find the time to blog but simon cant? its a liberty

4:24 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hi Simon, I know you are too busy to
blog right now but I wanted to tell you that you were fantastic,absolutely great at the Hollywood Bowl Saturday night! I was so happy for you, I admit I even felt a little proud of you.I know it's not my place to say that but you just were so excellent. :) KOR!!!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Hi Si, Attic Jam Los Angeles - Par Excellence! loved your performance, I could tell you were amped!

Thank you for being so kind to sign autographs, our 15 yr old neice, Amanda, now has a very special Who programme.

Cheers mate

2:37 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Simon,
You were fantastic last night!

I forgot to tell you that when Molly was trying to find the Hotel Cafe, I saw you on the street corner. I knew it was you, but at the same time, I wasn't 100% sure. Then when we finally got there and I saw you walking up to us, I was definately sure! You are AWESOME!!!!

I was so happy to finally meet you! I wish I had gotten a picture with you, but me and Nabonidus got a picture with Mikey!

Mikey was very cool! I talked to him three times! He even kissed me on the cheek! You both are so sweet! I hope we get to meet again!

4:32 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Heheh, I look crazed in the photo, I really do.:)
You looked great, Metalchick. And so did you, Simon, last night. You were the dynamic performer,and it was great to hear the people that were discovering your music for the first time. You could hear how their enthusiasm grew with each song. I'm sure you noticed that. :)
Anyway, I'm sure you aren't even blogging lately,but I figured I'd check in and mention that it was nice meeting you and getting to hear you in person. You did have the charisma that even comes across on camera.
You know, I wonder if you guys can trace your family history back and find out how far the musicians go.
Wouldn't it be weird if you found out it went back a far as wandering minstrels? Hehe. I jest but you never know. :)

6:21 PM  
Blogger rzod74 said...

Hey Simon,

This is Rod the keyboardist from Dallas. I meet you in NYC through Jerry Fuentes and we all hung one night. I know you cats are coming through Dallas this Friday the 17th, and I would love to finally get that chance to meet and hang with you and "The Rabbit"!!

Let me know if we can make that happen in anyway. I would love to come to the show and experince "the Who" for the first time!! Thanks for your time dog!!

p.s. dign' the "casbah club" cuts, nice!

12:14 PM  
Blogger rzod74 said...

Hey Simon,

This is Rod the keyboardist from Dallas. I meet you in NYC through Jerry Fuentes and we all hung one night. I know you cats are coming through Dallas this Friday the 17th, and I would love to finally get that chance to meet and hang with you and "The Rabbit"!!

Let me know if we can make that happen in anyway. I would love to come to the show and experince "the Who" for the first time!! Thanks for your time dog!!

p.s. dign' the "casbah club" cuts, nice!

12:15 PM  
Blogger Lin-no-da said...

I am absolutely GUTTED to find our from Rachel that you will not be appearing and playing at Joe's on the 29th! Was so looking forward to hearing a live set from you again, but I am sure there is something important on TV that you need to watch that night. Just jokin'. So sad, I needed a fix. I had found some photos of you at a gig in NYC in 1985 and I wanted to give them to you. Oh well, UGH!
I will have to be satisfied with seeing you in Bridgeport, CT the night before. Thanks for working so hard. Rock on !

-Lin B.

8:21 PM  
Blogger alwaysfun said...

HI Simon
Haven't seen you since the last tour in San Jose Ca. I had hoped to see you at the art opening for John but circumstances were not the best. I'm sorry about his passing. I had just bought his piece the WHO by Numbers when we heard. It's a great piece. Friends of mine own the gallery so I had seen it in advance. I'm still in the area doing costumes working back stage maybe we can say HI again sometime. Break a leg, chin chin, and all that good stuff.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

I always meant to tell you how brave
I think it was to write and perform "Sex Change". I have had two men/boys tell me privately that they've wondered what it would be like to be a girl for a day, just to experience "it". You know. (blush)
I suspect this is a common thing. But only you have been brave enough to put it out there, to say it.Maybe it's why I've been so enamored of this one....
Bravo! xoxoLisa

7:35 PM  
Blogger Lin-no-da said...


Wonderful performance in Bridgeport, CT last night. I had front row for the first time and although I had a wonderful view of Pete one of his amps was blocking my view of you so I only got to see the top of your head a bobbibg a few times & I could not see Zak at all, BUT, the amp/speaker that was blocking me must have been a direct line to your microphone because I heard AWESOME sounds and every one of your harmonies, which was a nice treat. So sad that you will not be at Joe's Pub tonight 11/29/06 but I will get by. I'll have to make up for it by seeing you and CC at a future date.

Thanks for all the hard work
you're amazing

Rock on!
& get on yer blog, man!

How is Ben doing? I found some info on the internet about his current band playing some small clubs, wonder if that is still true?

-Lin B.

10:38 AM  
Blogger PaulBLpool said...

Come on dude - whats the news on CC???????


12:09 PM  
Blogger BlackVelvetLace said...

Hope you're having a blast in the states Simon. Rock on!


8:15 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Where are you? You really need a new post here, we miss you!

I got a ticket to The Who concert in San Diego, I really hope you're going to be there too! I'd also like to get backstage if that's possible.

Hope you're having fun here in the US!

Take care.

2:31 AM  
Blogger PTfan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:06 AM  
Blogger PTfan said...

Merry Christmas Simon!

3:08 AM  
Blogger Steve H said...

Hey Simon

A very very Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!

Best wishes


9:05 AM  
Blogger Mike S said...

Merry Christmas Simon!!
You're great in The Who
but I have a feeling we
will be seeing you in the
near future on a stage on
your own.We need a Simon
only show mate!:)

3:18 PM  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Take care and be well.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Yolanda said...

Merry Xmass and a very happy New Year to you and your family.

5:05 AM  
Blogger Jim Laughlan said...

Happy Christmas to you and the family Simon!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Melissa & Gary said...

To Simon and Family Have a good Xmas and a Happy New Year.


3:51 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

This is a little late, but
Merry Christmas! and have a Rockin' New Year!

5:08 PM  
Blogger elena said...

Hola Simon,

I would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year!!!


4:50 PM  
Blogger PTfan said...

Simon....I miss you.

Happy New Year!

10:47 AM  
Blogger Natters said...

Happy New Year Simon!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Happy New Year Simon!

11:44 PM  
Blogger PaulBLpool said...

Is there anybody out there????

3:16 PM  
Blogger Steve H said...

where's Simon gone?

Simon, forget about the Who for now . . . get Casbah Club back on the road - UK roads that is.:)


1:46 AM  
Blogger PTfan said...

Hey Si,
I just saw on your web site that you will b eplaying at the Sundance Film Festival Music Cafe. That's incredible!!! Too bad that is so far away from where I live. Almost a whole country away! I would love to see you live. You have such dynamic stage presence!!!! Wow! Your songs are top notch Simon. Very moving!

5:30 AM  
Blogger Simon Gilbey said...

Hi Simon , Just found you after a few years , I used to work at Genetic Studios in Streetly on Thames back in the late 80,s when you where with On The Air you played a set for a charity gig that Martin Rushent organized. Just wanted to say Hi, and see if you knew where I could by that On the AIR album anywhere. Take care and keep your music alive.

4:21 AM  
Blogger Simon Gilbey said...

Hi Simon , Just found you after a few years , I used to work at Genetic Studios in Streetly on Thames back in the late 80,s when you where with On The Air you played a set for a charity gig that Martin Rushent organized. Just wanted to say Hi, and see if you knew where I could by that On the AIR album anywhere. Take care and keep your music alive.

4:22 AM  
Blogger fluorescein said...


Good Luck at Sundance!!

I need to look around, but some of his appearances may end up on the net somewhere. If anyone finds anything, let us all know.


10:22 AM  
Blogger fluorescein said...

Here's somethin'

7:42 PM  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Hi Simon and all,

Have you heard this?

Seems like you had/having a blast in Park City!

3:11 AM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Simon,
I saw that video of you performing at Sundance and you were so awesome!

Hope you're doing great.

Take care.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Yolanda said...

Hi Simon,
Will Casbah Club be opening for the Who european tour? I just managed to buy a ticket for the gig in Rotterdam and it would be great to see CC again!!!

1:41 AM  
Blogger jamboy said...

Hey SI! Like the new website! The "crap dance" vid is hillarious! Like the new songs! I set up a page on myspace:
Has some of my new songs on it!
Feel free to check it out.

6:59 AM  
Blogger missy428 said...


Hopefully you'll read this although attached to an old thread.....

It was great to see you open for The Who in Fresno last night. As I stated in my review on their website, you showed your lineage.

You might be Pete's brother but you are indeed your own musician - and a damn fine one at that!

Hope you and your band make it N. CA sometime this year.

The Woman in the Union Jack jacket

10:49 PM  
Blogger BlackVelvetLace said...

Hi Simon,

Just dropping by to say, hi Simon. ::Giggles::


9:46 PM  
Blogger Trini said...

Hola Simon:

I miss you and I think I'm not the only one. I know you are a very busy man, but I would like to read your post again... please.
Anyway, I hope you feel fine and happy.
By the way, are you recording new songs?
Take care
Trini xoxoxo

9:06 AM  
Blogger Grace said...



XX 3/30/07 |

update your blog!!!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Ann said...


Hope you're well. Thinking of you, miss your blog posts. Rock on!


7:41 PM  
Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Simon,
When are you going to update this blog? We miss you!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Trini said...

Hola Simon:

Great, magical,wonderful and unforgettable concert in Madrid. You really does a great job with The Who... Now I would like to see you playing your own music, in Spain of course....


9:45 AM  
Blogger Gerda said...

Hi Simon, your fans in Switzerland are still dispappointed as the Zurich venue had been cancelled so shortly before the event.... What happened or what was the reason? Hope to see you and your brother soon in Zurich, we were at the Quadrophenia Concert in 1998, great show. And we saw you last March at the WHO Convention 2006 in London (I unfortunately missed the occasion to chat with you at the bar after the concert - you were standing there smiling, but I didn't know what to say...). And we enjoyed the Ulm concert in July. Anyways, hope to see you very soon on stage again. In the meantime enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, best wishes from Switzerland

7:35 AM  
Blogger John said...

Hey man,

I've been meaning to call or write. Perhaps I'll write. I'd love to catch up with you and your family soon.

Don't hesitate to call or email:

Your pal,

John Brawley

5:53 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Hi, Simon. You'll not recall, but we met at Toad's Place during your "I'm the Answer" tour. We blatted on about Schecters for awhile. Yes, I'm still playing, recording, etc. (and also put the bottle down eight years ago -- smart decision!).

Anyway, I'll be in London from 20-27 September for the Design Festival. Any chance that Casbah Club is playing anywhere in town then?

12:40 PM  
Blogger Kiria said...

Hmmmm the mighty Mr MacPherson eh? Greetings fellow blogger - I'm liking this!


5:35 AM  
Blogger Trini said...

Happy Birthday
I hope you enjoy your day...
Love from Spain

12:36 AM  
Blogger Lily said...

hi !! I want just tell I'm a Who fan, this band is fantastic! and yours it's brillant too.

8:17 AM  
Blogger sarahgiza12 said...

Mr. Townsend... I am not sure if you will remember me or not, but we met you at O'Lunny's in Manhatten on Friday. I was wondering if you were trying out any base players for the next tour anytime soon. I would like a chance to audition. Thank you and hope to hear from you.

2:08 PM  
Blogger John said...

Not sure why I am even typing here...I figure you're gone from the airwaves. Was playing your old Ibanez yesterday (for the first time in a while) and it sounded quite good. Maybe 8 years of aging helped it. Kids beginning to play now and show some interest. Give a ring sometime - right now I'm peddling oysters and scallops and recalibrating myself. All going well. Hope to see you guys sometime again soon.


5:59 PM  
Blogger eyesite2theblind said...

Hi Simon,

When you are in Boston for the WHO show why dont you stop by the Harp (across from the garden) and come jam with me. I am performing a bunch of WHO songs and it would be awesome if you had time to come over. The show will be broadcast on WZLX a local radio station. I will be performing Cant explain,the seeker,love aint for keeping,squeezebox,pinball,anyhow anyway anywhere and if we got time let see action. Did I mention that I am 9 years old. Hope to see you Oct 24th around 4pm.



Aaron jr

2:02 PM  
Blogger Veronika said...

Have an important fan letter for you - where can I send it? Thanks a lot!

7:40 AM  
Blogger mercman159 said...

Hey Simon you probably dont remember me we went to Ealing Green High School together. Anyway great to see your still playing music, is there any chance that you might play in the USA especially Daytona Beach, Florida as that is where I live now. Keep up the great music.

Andy Gordon

6:15 AM  
Blogger sarang said...

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1:41 AM  
Blogger Johnn said...

Jimmy Page rocks!
Why you and your pedophile brother suck so hard?

1:04 PM  
Blogger Kenny said...

Good to see you back. Hope the new song means a new album.

Kenny Freed

5:52 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

Hello, Simon darling! How's life? Can't wait to see you & the boys at the Super Bowl tomorrow! Maybe not in person, but I'll be watching on the telly!


5:31 PM  
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