Saturday, December 24, 2005

Good tidings!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all ye joyful bloggers and bloggettes! May all your prayers and dreams be answered. I am personally feeling a bit psyched right now as I have just read that it is highly likely that Casbah Club will be supporting The Who on the 2006 tour:

Also, there has been a cool addition to our recent online attack: Currently the number one spot is held by Rachel Fuller and Pete Townshend, which is awesome.... Let's see if we can squeeze Casbah in there somewhere - top 100 will do nicely.

I'll be checking in and updating over the festive period because I'm utterly boring and undrunk. So, if you're sober, bored and need some interaction leave me a message and I'll get back to yer! Love to you all. ST

Monday, December 19, 2005

Cafe Press Online Merchandise

For those looking for something other than large stock black T-Shirts:

Thanks Bob!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Next time I wake up
Things will be different
Things will have changed
Next time I go to bed
Will be the last time I'd have said
Won't feel like this again

Next time I wake up
Time would have run its course
Lives would be won and lost
Next time, if there is one
Will be a moment I embrace
Won't let it run away no more

Oh Lord, I will vibrate! I will vibrate!

Live for the moment, take in the moment before its gone
Stay with the moment, stay with the moment all night long

May have been a stupid boy
Wasted opportunities
All part of being young
But next time when I wake up
I will grab a piece of it
Bring my spirit home

When I meet my maker
And he asks what is it I've done
I'll lift my head and say
For once I gave it everything
Didn't hold back anything
Gave myself away

Oh Lord, I will vibrate! I will vibrate!

Live for the moment, take in the moment before its gone
Stay with the moment, stay with the moment all night long

Why deny the being, physical or fake
Try to fight the feeling, it's difficult to take
I won't let go 'cause its in my soul
And like rock n' roll it's gonna shake this place

Live for the moment, take in the moment before its gone
Stay with the moment, stay with the moment all night long

I will vibrate!


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Foxton / Brzezicki / Townshend

This CD/EP is on sale now at the Casbah Club website:
A wonderful limited edition, taste of things to come. I noticed a signed copy at ebay for 16 quid and rising, get it direct from the band site for half that price or with a T-Shirt.... Either way it's a bargain, the best you'll ever have!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Get Well Soon

QUO Tour cancelled
Statement from the support band THE CASBAH CLUB

We were totally shocked when Rick came into our dressing room last night to tell us the news. Rick, Francis, John, Andrew, Matt and all the crew from Quo made us feel so welcome, like family. It was an honour to perform with them.
We wish Rick a speedy recovery and send our love to Patti and family from Simon, Bruce, Mark and our families.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sheffield & Nottingham Shows... and more!

First 2 shows were fab! Sheffield Arena was a huge shock and a major step up from the tiny rehearsal room we were in the few days before and the clubs we played earlier in the year - took a while for the ears to adjust to the sound but we got there in the end. We were really well received and I felt the songs reached the people even though we were a little frantic at times. Nottingham gig was in a theatre with a much better sound on stage and we played a more controlled and tight set because of it. Day 3 - off to Cheltenham then the cybercast tomorrow (look to my website for details), Cardiff Monday and Liverpool Tuesday.... then I can rest the voice for 24 hours.

My last posting was not aimed at any particular individual/s. I can understand why certain people are taking offence and for that I'm so sorry but there has been a misunderstanding here, I wrote the piece through frustration from things in general. One point is simply that for an artist, music should come first but in the music business it rarely does. My second point that fans should understand that we are all human and can make mistakes like everybody else. I'm sorry if I have left anybody personally hurt by situations that were BEYOND MY CONTROL, nothing I have done was meant to cause anguish or harm.